COSMO is a decentralsied, peer to peer currency that runs a highly efficient and profitable masternode network.

The market is currently saturated with high return POS coins that die very quickly due to ridiculous inflation levels, coupled with devs dumping their pre-mine, which ends up eroding long term value for investors. The development team wants to maintain as much integrity as possible, with maximum transparency regarding issues such as the distribution model, pre-mine and block explorer.

With COSMO, we don't want to create another P&D scheme and will instead make a conscious effort in creating an ecosystem that provides steady gains to investors in the form of POS and masternodes. with Bitcoin rallying, COSMO will provide the perfect safe haven for investors looking to gain passive income.



1. Is COSMO ASIC resistant?

COSMO is built upon the quark algo. In the discord there was a debate on whether COSMO was ASIC resistant. Technically speaking, there are Quark ASICs available, but these are very difficult to find and were never officially branded. Remove scaled up in production. Consequently, it is near impossible to find any available on the market.

2. How long does POW last for?

PoW was supposed to run indefinitely for CMOS, but backlash over ROI from the community has cut its tenure short. From the 3rd of March, COSMO will become a pure PoS coin.

3. Isn’t COSMO just another PIVX fork?

In the crypto world everything can be considered a Bticoin derivative of some sort. Yes, COSMO is a PIVX fork, but PIVX itself is a fork of DASH and that is a fork of BTC. Every crypto asset is ultimately “copied” to some extent. The CMOS code has been tweaked to enable faster transactions and enhanced stability. The risk of a chain break down is near 0 with CMOS, making it a great passive income source

4. How was COSMO distributed?

6 million was mined from the genesis block. The distribution process is outlined in the table below:

Distribution Method Coin Allocation Percentage
Airdrops 3,000,000 50%
Node Sales 1,200,000 20%
Bounties 1,200,000 20%
Dev Fund 600,000 10%

5. 20% is a big bounty fund, how do you plan on utilising it?

The details are not final, but we have a pretty good idea on the kind of bounties that will be on offer.

- Signature Campaign: This will only be available to Full Member + BCT accounts.

- Twitter: Competitions will be held frequently on social media, giving you the chance to win large amounts of CMOS

- Videos: People with large followings will have the opportunity to claim CMOS through posting promotional clips.

- Reddit: Keeping the subreddit active will become part of the bounty process. More details on this coming soon.

6. How do I participate in the airdrop?

The airdrop will take place on the CMOS website and is set to last for 9 months, with drops taking place every other week. To join all you need to do is input your CMOS address.

7. What exchanges are planned for CMOS?

To get the ball rolling, CryptoBridge is planned for the first listing.

Recently there has been a surge of new users entering the crypto scene, resulting in severe backlogs for all exchanges. I recently sent emails to both Coinexchange.io and Coinmarkets, but there has been no response. This section will be updated appropriately as new exchange listings take place.

8. What are the node rewards like for CMOS?

The blocks are heavily skewed towards MNs (65/35% split), making ROI very attractive. This will slowly decrease over time, as there is an overall reduction in rewards and it gets shared between more people.

Month ROI
1 1150%
2 850%
3 600%
4+ 438%

9. How do I setup a node?

Follow the guide here:( Guide )

If you have any node issues, visit the Discord and a moderator will be glad to assist you.



10000 CMOS

Masternode Tools
coming soon




COSMO Coin Developer:

“Chief marketer and co-founder of COSMO Coin. I am a firm believer that community driven projects are the most successful. Everything about Cosmos aims to grow the community, from the distribution process to the delegation of work.”



“I have been coding for almost twenty years now, three years of which have been spent in the crypto space. I am a firm believer that blockchain technology will become omnipresent in every aspect of society, from banking to the way we vote. I envision that CMOS can play a vital role as a utility token within the ecosystem.”



- Axxe: ““Software craftsman. I like to build and grow things. Fan of free speech and stateless sovereignty. “

- Skfc2o: “Crypto rookie. Learning at fast pace with all the pro. CEO for upcoming p2p<->fiat platform

- MathRex: “Technical specialist by day and cryptocurrency enthusiast by night.”