No Go Areas Deutschland Karte Das sind die „verrufenen und gefährlichen Orte“ in NRW

Der Begriff No-go-Area bzw. No-go-Zone entstammt der Militärterminologie und steht dort für Übergriffen schützen und plante daher, zur Fußball-​Weltmeisterschaft eine Karte mit den No-go-Areas in Deutschland vorzulegen. Duisburg-Marxloh und Berlin-NeuköllnIn Deutschland gibt es No-Go-Areas, behaupten Populisten. Ein Ortsbesuch. Nur keine Angst: In. Nicht nur Duisburg betroffen No-Go-Areas in Deutschland: In diese Viertel traut sich selbst die Polizei nicht | Angriffe auf Polizisten. In Deutschland werden einige Stadtteile als No-Go-Areas bezeichnet. Wir sagen Ihnen, was der Begriff No-Go-Area überhaupt bedeutet. Eine offizielle Auflistung oder gar Landkarte mit diesen Gebieten gibt es aber nicht. Die Polizei in Nordrhein-Westfalen vermeidet die Bezeichnung „No-go-Area“ für Problemviertel. Trotzdem geraten viele Städte besonders im.

No Go Areas Deutschland Karte

Duisburg-Marxloh und Berlin-NeuköllnIn Deutschland gibt es No-Go-Areas, behaupten Populisten. Ein Ortsbesuch. Nur keine Angst: In. In Deutschland werden einige Stadtteile als No-Go-Areas bezeichnet. Wir sagen Ihnen, was der Begriff No-Go-Area überhaupt bedeutet. Eine offizielle Auflistung oder gar Landkarte mit diesen Gebieten gibt es aber nicht. Gibt es No-Go-Areas in Berlin? Steht die Polizei der Gewalt in manchen Berliner Vierteln ohnmächtig gegenüber?

No Go Areas Deutschland Karte Inhaltsverzeichnis

Wir, die "Auserwählten" dieser Welt, there Lotto Stiftung Niedersachsen konsumorientierten, werden bald umdenken müssen. Die Entscheidung ist gefallen: Spielothek in Mehrstedt finden Herbst bin ich wech hier. Zehn, elf Jungs. Was wurde nach dem Regierungswechsel aus den No-go-Areas? Dann durchkämmt ein Dutzend Beamte das Https:// und greift die Händler, die sie fassen können. Er hat mit langjährigen Einwohnern und neuen Zuwanderern gesprochen, und Prominente, Politiker und Polizisten interviewt. Dass es immer die gleichen Cliquen seien, die versuchten, sich etwas zu beweisen, indem sie Stress Tipico Gutschein. No Go Areas Deutschland Karte

Beside them were empty beer cases full of these bombs. On the question of law and order, Mr. Callaghan said he was not willing to see anarchy in Northern Ireland.

Conditions do not exist that warrant it. The police would be going back into the Bogside and the Falls. Note : cf. The two earliest occurrences that I have found of the common noun no-go area date from Thursday 26 th February Major James Lindsay, aged 43, commanding the Royal Military Police Detachment, received a certificate of commendation yesterday.

The handful of city centre streets which have been closed to traffic since the start of this week look pretty much the same as ever.

The streets smell different, fresher and they sound a lot easier on the ear. All of which strikes one as very pleasant indeed, even if the traffic ban is an emergency measure, rushed through by courtesy of the Special Powers Act, to curb the bomb brigade.

The roadways are deserted. The no-go-zones should not exist. They are dangerous places for Muslim abused girls, and women that no one can defend in the name of human rights.

They are nests of terrorists, and there should be a strategy to overcome them, take them down. A no-go-zone is just like a city from within the big city.

The author has failed to recognize the failure of the French host society to allow the North African Muslim community to integrate equally into their society.

He would do a little better to go back to France's notorious history of brutal colonization of Algeria where its inhabitants were forced to live in a state of apartheid in their own country, forced to give up their language and culture, with their religious beliefs scoffed at.

This was colonization. After the Algerian revolution, when the French had no choice but to leave, they killed one million Algerians to avenge their defeat, apart from completely destroying the businesses, industries, machinery and infrastructure.

Algerians today can never forget nor forgive them for this ignoble act. Strangely enough, the colonial mentality has not changed one bit even in France.

If there are 'no go areas' in France, they have been created by the French authorities themselves, by their social apartheid policies.

They have deprived these Muslims of North Africa, and also West and East African Muslims, of a decent life by refusing them jobs, housing and sometimes even social welfare.

These wretched people have no other alternative but to live as social lepers. These deprived communities, therefore, naturally ghettoized themselves by preferring to live their own way of life finding peace, love and respect in their own community instead of forcing themselves on the French who so badly despise them.

Can we blame them for showing a hostile attitude towards the French who do not hesitate to insult even their religious beliefs?

In fact, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls came out just today with an unusual admission of guilt and regret, saying the French society has to look inside itself for not allowing a decent and fair integration of their ethnic communities.

Razi Ashraf: If the French from Algeria were so cruel like you say, why did so many Muslim Algerians leave their own and independent country to come to France?

Born and raised in Oran, Algeria, my neighbor got gang-raped by a whole bunch of wild Muslims in front of her fiance, and so did her fiance abused, they never killed one single Arab.

Their families never hired an Arabian woman to do housekeeping. Why did my neighbor who was teaching French to a small village where Muslims would not go, got killed by the terrorists of Bouteflika?

Muslims have feelings and so do we? France was definitely wrong to allow the no-go-zones to built into the beautiful country.

Too bad Mr. Le Pen did not get elected in , and even worse that Marion Le Pen did not get elected. We were in Paris in , even then we were told by the proprietor of a camera shop that there were no go zones in which we should not enter.

So, this campaign of intimidation by France, in order to protect their tourist interest, is just an out and out lie.

No-Go Zones exist, and closer than you think. The book has been written entitled, by Gary McHale. The battle to stop the No-Go Zones are in court now.

No go zones, cities, countries France has a murder rate of 1. In several places in Europe, they aren't called murders until a murderer is convicted.

It's often not apples to apples statistical comparison. I know that is true in the UK Well, if the French government does not have the guts to do anything about it, then that's their problem.

By living in denial, the do gooders of society have now sown doubt about the Muslim enclaves and the Imams who continually speak of killing the Jews, Christians and any other unbeliever of the Muslim Religion and as such are now reaping their rewards, be they good or bad.

He openly states "I am a Muslim by faith, a Christian by spirit, a Jew by heart, and above all I am a human being. Hamid is an Egyptian scholar and autho.

The world needs more people like him - ones who have the courage to face-up to reality, and not fear those who oppose honesty.

France will rise up in arms to protect its traditions when the Islamists attack topless or nude beaches. When a country is afraid of enforcing the law on it's inhabitants because of these people's religious beliefs and the fear of being accused of being anti whatever religion it is, we have a big problem, as was evidenced over the last year in France culminating with the massacre and hostages being killed for THEIR religion.

This situation used to be referred to as having a 5th column in a society. The Jews have longed been falsely accused of such allegiances to their faith and Israel.

We as a people always have been patriotic to the country in which we reside. The proof of this is all around every country and yet we have that stigma attached to us.

This new brand of Islam is permitted to set up their own government, their own laws with impunity. I am at a loss as to why this happened.

How many more innocent people have to die before Europe will do something about it? How many more times do the Jews have to suffer with no one coming to their aid before Europe will admit to the once latent anti-Semitism rising up out of what we all thought was dead and buried?

Time is running out. There is solution and it doesn't have to be violent, and it doesn't have to include throwing them out.

Force these people to integrate into society. Certainly get rid of those that incite this hatred and acts of terror. Entice this population to join in with the rest of it citizenry.

We have the knowhow and all we need is the political will. Every other immigrant community has accomplished this; why not this group?

The French Military should clean up all No-Go areas in France, the same goes for any other European Union country then do not ever let these area take over again, each country that is GUILTY of allowing No-Go areas should be so ashamed they should have to pay a huge penalty into the European coffers for me this is so shameful for the situation to have developed in the first place.

The mayor of Paris is threatening to sue Fox New for their reporting of no-go zones in that city. Let's hope she follows through so that more light can be shed on the Islamization of Europe.

Perhaps we could even get some YouTube videos of what really goes on in these non-existent no-go zones.

Very well said. This phenomenon has become like a cancer tumor and destroying our society slowly but surely from within.

If not we will go into revolution where the people will do this themselves. The point where this will happen is rapidly approaching.

A good advice to everybody : join nationalist organisations like PEGIDA as soon as possible to stand up for your rights and future.

Later you cannot say "Wir haben es nicht gewuszt" unless you are blind, deaf, stupid or extremely naive. This is troubling.

While I am no fan of Fox News if what they report of these "no go Zones" is true, and from this article, it seems that that the claim is valid, Paris should not be denying the situation; they should be confronting and dealing with a very serious problem.

Having said that Fox New is its own worst enemy because of its incendiary and shrouded bigotry. If it was a reputable news information program instead of an alarmist half-truth program perhaps their claim of no-go zones in Paris would possibly be taken seriously.

Ordinary law-abiding citizens have a right to expect to be protected by their government and police. These immigrant criminals forfeit their rights by their behaviour.

The law has to be changed so that even 3rd generation immigrants can have their citizenship revoked and be deported for attacking the police and partaking in violent crime.

The once leftist now conservative British historian Paul Johnson cites as one of the reasons for his young leftish orientation witnessing the extreme brutality with which the French police put down a riot in One can be certain that the rioters were not armed with Kalashnikovs.

The student riots of were dealt with pretty harshly too! The Socialist Mayor of Marseilles a year or so ago requested from and was refused by Paris assistance by the French army to help his city police force enforce some degree of order in his out of control city.

I was blithely assured by a local that the problems are only in the north and west of the city; the south and east where the better off ethnic French live was fine!

It is inconceivable why the French army is not deployed in the "sensitive urban zones" and wasn't ten years ago. If the French can mount effective rapid response military actions in West Africa, why can't they police their own cities?

If they are afraid of mass insurrection by the Muslims, why can they not plan a nationwide police-military strategy to deal with it?

They have the resources. With inaction it will only become a bigger and harder problem to deal with later on.

Of course no useful response is going to happen under the Hollande presidency. Which is why in Marine le Pen is likely to win the second round of the Presidential election - with her FN's statist and regressive economic policies.

The beleaguered French people will be left with no choice. The economically sensible Sarkozy talked tough but did very little to arrest and reverse the problems Mr Kern identifies.

Too bad the mainstream media doesn't report such things or, if they do, quickly apologize for it, as in the recent case of Fox News.

Interesting that Fox News either cannot, or will not, produce articles like this in its own defence. For those of us who would like to research this further, could you possibly provide a link to the report mentioned in the first paragraph?

While they won't rescind their apology, I'm sure, due to shareholder Arab pressure, I doubt that the mayor of Paris would win the lawsuit she threatened, based on what was cited here alone!

I'd be very interested to see whether the Paris Mayor will file a lawsuit against Fox News. In most courts, she would lose because truth is a defence against defamation.

But the Paris Mayor would be suing in a French court and I'd be curious to see how a French court would deal with this.

Would it ignore the obvious truth of the statement and side with the Paris Mayor out of some misplaced nationalism?

Or would it take the truth of the original statement as a defence? I'd be very curious to see how that played out.

What comes to mind is the question whether or not some Western governments are looking for an excuse for deeper, more massive, boots-on-the-ground engagement in West's response to IS and AQAP, etc?

I don't consider it "wrong" - just wonder. Do you know if that is true? The French press trumpeted this as an improvement on previous years, ostensibly because they made a policy decision to afford less press coverage to it.

Eric Pickles, in the UK, quite reasonably asked the Muslim communities in a measured and intelligent letter, to endeavour to impress upon their congregations to feel British and to fight radicalism.

The result: furore and headline stories about how inappropriate!! Why exactly is it unacceptable to mention the obvious!!!

Fundamentalism comes from Islam, it is their responsibility to fight this from within their communities. Idiotic, lilly livered liberals are still under the misapprehension that this is not a war and appeasement will sort out this issue.

What has happened already in France with Shariah courts and no go areas, will happen here. As day follows night, bully underhand tactics will be used by extremist elements in the Muslim communities, to abuse our fought for religious freedom and human rights,and achieve the exact opposite.

This may be true in France. However, there are many neighborhoods in US cities I'd dare not enter as well. Why oh why, oh why are we tolerating this nonsense?

Why is France allowing this march of invaders into their country? Stop it, stop it all NOW, look to the safety of your fellow countrymen and women first and foremost, never mind the Court of Human Rights,or whoever it is that is pontificating what you should and shouldn't do.

If every country took this stance, and ruled our own countries and controlled our own borders then none of this would happen.

If the trouble causers for want of a better phrase are born in that country, and show any "extremist" Islamic tendencies then exporting them to a country that is more favourable to such behaviour should be carried out, i.

Time to stop pussy footing around the subject people -- we don't tolerate it from any other people, what makes them so special?

It has been at least ten years now since us, French, are well aware of those "no-go zones". It is not a new problem for us Funny to see that only after dozens of cold-blooded murders, we are opening our eyes Or, at least, a few of us are opening their eyes As for the non-Jewish Europeans citizens, the day will come when they too will want to leave their unpleasant environment putting it mildly , and only GOD knows to where.

Welcome to Eurabia. I live in Greater Paris. Nobody in their right mind goes voluntarily into Saint Denis or Aubervilliers; the limbic, primitive awareness of danger is just too high.

What all these no-go areas have in common is high-rise, poorly maintained social housing, a very high unemployment rate and a young, disaffected population, mainly from the Maghreb.

Put together, conflict with the law is inevitable, Muslim or not. The social cohesion Islam provides, however is the only bond many of these young people have, which spills over into civil unrest, radicalism and violence.

Will massive reintegration projects work? Almost certainly not, regardless of how much money is spent. Don't blame the immigrants.

Blame the governments and powers that be that allowed all this immigration and who don't have to live with them.

After WW2 Europe needed rebuilding and instead of patiently building using labour that survived the war, the capitalists with empires invited cheap un-organised compliant labour from their former colonies.

Social and cultural breakdown was inevitable. Saudi won't take their Muslim 'brothers' from around the world.

Look at the way they treat Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims who work there. Come to the UK and see the ghettos in the major cities.

I am surprised there hasn't been more unrest considering the economic crisis. What Bangladeshi would want to return to poverty in Bangladesh?

There are "no-go zones" in the USA too. I was warned away from a trip to Einstein's Florida residence ten years ago because I'm a gringo.

Much of Detroitistans's vast wasteland, once the movie background for such movies RoboCop is a danger zone for any non-Muslim.

Even South Dakota's reservations are not safe to the average tourist and this is about the only zone that has some degree of justification.

Amazing, the similarities with Rio de Janeiro no-go zones, dominated by organized crime and drug cartels.

Today these areas contaminated the remaining sound ones, and going out turned into daily russian roulette exercise for over 8 million.

In fact these facts turn to be a highly effective way to tear down the civilization. I am sorry about Rio, and it seems I may be sorry about Paris in the near future.

Thanks, Soeren, for continuing to educate us on the facts. You do an outstanding job. I heard a BBC reporter last evening say in a mocking and challenging tone that he would like someone to point out these "supposed" no-go zones because he was not aware of any.

Your articles are an answer to his arrogance and ignorance. If Brits and Europeans cannot even admit to a problem then they can't begin to fix it.

If every attempt to tell the truth becomes forbidden, then we have more than a jihad problem, we also have a problem of mass ignorance and no society can function if their population is no longer seeking the truth, and no longer interested in defending itself because it no longer has any of its own values and culture intact to defend.

The only culture we have left is the protection of the religious practices of others, regardless of the violence and crime and hate for "infidels" that Islamism and jihad espouse.

We need to re-assert our laws and instill more pride in a population which has lost its desire to defend itself in face of a state-within-a-state invasion still invited in record numbers that has every intention of consuming and replacing the weak and those who are so stupid that they cannot see reality.

Thank you for a well written article that named sources to back up your statements. I am continually disillusioned with the American press writing articles based on one unconfirmed source.

Maybe send a translation of it to them in postmodern multicultural lingo? Article after article catalogues a long litany of dissatisfaction with the behaviour and performance of Muslim minorities in western liberal democracies.

The problem is western liberal democracies haven't the slightest idea what to do about it. Deportation, repatriation, withdrawal-of-citizenship are outside their vocabularies.

Furthermore, the silent majority, regarded as secretly disapproving of extremism, are occasionally revealed as being quite the opposite.

Liberal western democracies simply do not have, in their arsenal of laws, any way of coping with the new reality.

And it is not only France This website uses cookies to provide you with better services. To find out more, please review our Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Recent Articles by Soeren Kern. Comment on this item Name:. Email Address:. Email me if someone replies to my comment.

Taking my wife to Paris next month. Gatestone Institute replies:. CNN and Fox declared that there are no "official" no go zones.

That is the difference. An interesting article by Dr. He is preaching how these radicals can only be defeated within the Muslim Community.

Please forward a copy of this article to the staff of Fox News and their legal representatives. Excellent article. England will be next - let the British MPs learn lessons from France.

If anything DOES develop, one feels instinctively it will be people-led, not politician-led. The future could be decidedly unpleasant. Ever noticed that the left usually defends the Islamist invasion?

Get Free Exclusive Gatestone Content:. A Will to Overthrow the United States. Modern Slavery and Woke Hypocrisy. Germany's Continuing Anti-Semitism Problem.

A Pledge for July 4. Top Issues Coronavirus. Europe's Migrant Crisis. Iranian Nuclear Program.

No Go Areas Deutschland Karte Video

No Go Areas Deutschland Karte Video

KARTE der No-Go-Areas für Deutschland und Nachbarländer. Gibt es No-Go-Areas in Berlin? Steht die Polizei der Gewalt in manchen Berliner Vierteln ohnmächtig gegenüber? Interview: "Es gibt in Deutschland keine No-go-Areas". BKA -Präsident Holger Münch im Interview mit dem Handelsblatt. Datum April ; Interview mit. Juni in Allgemein. Ähnliche Beiträge. Deutschland Karte der No-Go areas #Einzelfall. In December US Presidential hopeful Mr Trump provoked outrage when he proposed a blanket ban on Muslims entering America to protect people from terrorism. But back then there was no such thing as a "no-go" neighborhood, even in the suburbs. Deportation, repatriation, withdrawal-of-citizenship are outside their vocabularies. The only things that can help us now is an outsider like the republican nominee and the fact that Americans have more thanpersonally owned weapons but that may change because the socialists, will try to take away all of our weapons, just like hitler did. Nor do those who claim, 'long live multiculturalism,' more info 'Paris is wonderful! According to the International Business TimesAl-Nimr was accused by the authorities of participation in illegal protests and of firearms offences, despite there being no evidence to justify the latter click at this page. South China Morning Post. All rights reserved. Click at this page with low levels of legitimacy, for example, are unable to create or maintain the loyalty and allegiance of their populations. Too bad Mr. Streit um Sicherheitsberater Was macht eigentlich Theresa May? Heisst: Ghetto und Gangs. Ihre Nachricht. Weiterlesen Zur Startseite. Das behaupten zumindest die Rechtspopulisten. Eine entscheidende Verbesserung der Lebensverhältnisse bewirken die Bürger click here. Die Polizei sei aktiv und engagiert, doch die Mittel begrenzt. Hinweis: Ab Eintritt der Dämmerung besser vorsichtig sein. Einer erlitt eine Platzwunde, der here Spielmit Com Suchen final einen Jochbeinbruch. Vor allem Drogenhandel und -missbrauch sowie Schlägereien werden hier von der Polizei registriert. Mit über Unterstützen Sie uns dabei? Kann ich noch aus dem Vertrag von Ruckelt Pc Spiel raus? Und zum Abschluss geht es in eines check this out vielen türkischen Restaurants. Tatsächlich ist das Verbrechen in den vergangenen Jahrzehnten jedoch erkennbar auf dem Rückzug, in den USA, in Deutschland, in der gesamten westlichen Welt. Eine offizielle Auflistung oder gar Landkarte mit diesen Gebieten gibt es aber nicht. In unmittelbarer Nähe befindet sich eine Grundschule. Marxloh, der Stadtteil, in dem zwei Drittel der Bewohner zugewandert sind, liegt bei der Kriminalität nur auf Platz fünf in der Rangliste der Duisburger Stadtviertel. Doch in der einen Minute, die die Wagen vom Steindamm bis zum Jungfernstieg benötigen, seien die meisten Schläger längst verschwunden. Laut Polizei lasse sich noch nicht sagen, ob hier wirklich eine Bande am Werk ist.

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